2016 Digital PR Awards: Redesign/Relaunch of a Site

Winner: Purple Strategies - The Launch of the New AHIP.org

Without providing relevant content in an effective way, AHIP could not optimally deliver value to its members. To counter this deficiency and deliver the greatest impact to AHIP stakeholders, Purple Strategies focused on redeveloping aspects of AHIP.org that needed improvement.

The team aimed to improve the way AHIP.org visitors searched for, received and shared information on the site. That goal required a detailed approach that focused on elements like simplified site navigation, microsite consolidation, responsive website design, a unified CMS, better content cross-promotion, a dedication to SEO best practices, more thorough social media integration and clear governance protocols.

When visiting the AHIP.org homepage, one would see a promotional graphic for each department and many of the organization’s initiatives. Giving everyone space on the homepage didn’t serve the best interests of the organization, and it meant there was limited space allocated for actual content, and less room to share new information or highlight important developments.

From a navigation standpoint, the team looked to remove sections that were not necessary; that grouped unrelated content; that did not warrant a top-level position or that were named after an AHIP department, rather than a member benefit. They kept or consolidated sections that grouped related content, were intuitively named, and served their personas.

Development of the site was then executed on a LAMP stack, integrating a WordPress content management system and customized implementation of Google Analytics.

Quantitatively, as the team worked to increase the member engagement of the site, they saw that average session duration improved 13% year over year, that the bounce rate declined by 9%, and that the average number of pages viewed per session increased by 7%.

Honorable Mentions:

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - The New AFSP.org
  • Food Lion - Newsroom Relaunch
  • Marketplace Events - Home Show Website Redesign
  • NBCUniversal - The New NBCUniversal.com
  • Orange County Property Appraiser
  • San Francisco Public Works
  • Story Partners - Vote4Energy