2016 Digital PR Awards: New Site

Winner: Accenture - Creating a Disruptive Digital Platform to Showcase the Best of Accenture

Accenture wanted to create an entirely new digital platform for accenture.com to deliver a leading-edge user experience and showcase new and engaging content. The company’s vision called for improved functionality, including a search-based approach that would be fundamentally different from competitors, as well as a responsive design providing the same user experience across all devices—laptops, tablets and mobile devices. And the company wanted to design the new site so that it would be easy to share content via social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This new digital platform would differentiate the company in the marketplace and demonstrate Accenture’s leadership as a digital business.

To deliver its leading-edge platform, the Accenture marketing and communications team partnered with the company’s internal IT organization. The two teams completely rethought Accenture’s online presence and mapped out a multiyear program to deploy the new platform.

To present this shorter, more snackable content, Accenture's marketing team worked with a creative design agency on the look and feel of the new webpages. The site design used a vertical orientation to fit the way users scroll through content on a variety of mobile devices. And the new site leveraged a bold approach to navigation, eschewing traditional dropdown menus in favor of a search-driven approach that would enable users to locate information from any page simply by typing a search query.

In June 2015, the new accenture.com successfully launched with high engagement. In the first month after launch, there were nearly 3 million total website visits (up 26% from pre-launch), including more than 1 million unique visitors to the careers section (up 36% from pre-launch). More than 183,000 resume submissions were received during the first month (up 27% from pre-launch).

Honorable Mention:

  • Edison International - InsideEdison.com