2016 Digital PR Awards: Media Relations Campaign

Winner: Tech Image - Bosch Power Tools Media Relations Campaign

Bosch Power Tools tasked Tech Image with developing and executing a digital public and media relations strategy around the REAXX Jobsite Table Saw’s launch with the goal of creating a huge splash in the industry and the media just prior to the product launch date in June 2016.

The REAXX saw features Bosch’s new Active Response Technology, a platform that senses when human flesh comes in contact with the blade, rapidly dropping the dangerously spinning saw beneath the table top.

Tech Image started by developing a REAXX landing page, a new Bosch press room and official press release, injecting digital techniques at every turn. The landing page outlined everything consumers needed to know about the REAXX saw and highlighted its features with seven different videos. These videos ranged from highly-produced animated clips showing how Active Response Technology works to testimonials from contractors telling the world why they chose REAXX.

That was the easy part. The hard part came when it was time to determine who would receive one of the coveted 30 REAXX demo saws available at the time of launch. Tech Image curated a list of the top 60 influencers they were most interested in having review the saw. From this list, Bosch and Tech Image selected their top five influencer choices, conducting a two-week media tour to top publications like Popular Mechanics, WOOD Magazine and Fine Homebuilding. The most important publications had an entire afternoon to play with the saw, shoot video and conduct interviews. The tour also allowed Bosch to walk through the complex saw first-hand, ensuring the resulting videos and articles were overwhelmingly positive.

Three months later, there was still a waiting list for media to test the saw and for consumers to purchase the REAXX. Bosch is elated with the results, and has dubbed this product launch one of the most successful launches they’ve ever conducted.

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