2016 Digital PR Awards: Location-Based Digital Campaign

Winner: DEVENEY - Hermann-Grima Festival Season Promotional Campaign

DEVENEY client Hermann-Grima wanted to increase its exposure to New Orleans tourists and locals. More importantly, Hermann-Grima wanted to promote tour offerings and see an increase in tours booked.

Spring is typically a slow season for Hermann-Grima, but a lucrative and popular season for New Orlean’s tourism. Hermann-Grima wanted to capitalize on the influx of people in New Orleans in the spring, and DEVENEY was happy to work toward this goal for one of New Orleans' best-preserved historical homes and museums.

DEVENEY used years’ worth of research to target consumers that would be interested in Hermann-Grima’s tours and events. Using that research and constant evaluations of Hermann-Grima’s current and potential audience, DEVENEY was able to accurately identify the audience that would respond the best to its promotion. Integrating DEVENEY’s research with Facebook’s ad platform, DEVENEY identified Hermann-Grima's target audience as those who had previously shown an interest in cultural preservation, museums, art or history.

Next, DEVENEY used location-based targeting through Facebook ads to reach an audience who were within the vicinity of the Hermann-Grima house. New Orleans' festival grounds are within a one-mile radius of the historic French Quarter and Hermann-Grima’s historic houses. Using the two zip codes where two major festivals were located, DEVENEY was able to further niche Hermann-Grima's audience.

Using the combination of Facebook’s location targeting platforms and a year’s worth of DEVENEY’s research, the campaign significantly exceeded its goals. For example, one of those objectives was to increase tours of the Hermann-Grima Historical House by 40%; by the end of spring 2016, bookings had increased by 200%—exceeding the goal by 500%.

Honorable Mention:

  • C-4 Analytics - Stacking the Deck