2016 Digital PR Awards: Online Community

Winner: Nexon America and Wonacott Communications - Revealing LawBreakers: Defying PR Laws

The objective of this effort was to create a fervent community groundswell for the upcoming videogame LawBreakers, building early anticipation among core audiences from tease to alpha launch.

The strategy involved taking a community-first approach, avoiding staid announcement strategies more common in the industry. The idea was to elevate exposure with press, deeply engage with the core audience and extend outward through social media channels and influencers.

Tactics included hosting a panel for hardcore fans at PAX East; launching a teaser site (theshattering.gg) with a countdown timer and forums for  the community to discuss the game; and inviting consumers to be the first to have hands-on experiences with the game – via a super-secret offsite venue during PAX Prime.

The campaign also partnered with Twitch and YouTube influencers to host video and live stream hands-on experiences with the game, both locally and internationally; and positioned LawBreakers at high-profile industry events to build continued awareness of the title and utilize influencer and media presence to obtain accolades and coverage opportunities.

The goal was to build a community that feels attached to the project and the team behind it. Weighing the risks and rewards of taking a community-before-media approach, the results of this reveal announcement strategy have been unparalleled. Through social channels, events, livestreams, strategically passive media relations and the continuous transparency of the development process, LawBreakers became one of “Most Anticipated” and “Best Games” of 2016.

Honorable Mentions:

  • lotus823 and Maverick Industries – Cooking Up An Online Community
  • Samsung Electronics America - US Newsroom