2016 Digital PR Awards: Digital PR Campaign

Winners: Coyne PR - Pennzoil Reaches New Heights with Airlift Drift Mini Film and Everywhere Agency - The OshKosh B'gosh #BreakForSpring Campaign

Coyne PR - Pennzoil Reaches New Heights with Airlift Drift Mini Film

The media today are looking for entertaining content for their audiences to easily consume and engage with. Understanding this, Coyne PR developed a creative idea and a strategic approach for Pennzoil to launch the brand’s new content series, "Airlift Drift."

Pennzoil developed a three-part content series titled "Airlift Drift," featuring an ultra-cool car, a precision driver and amazing drifting to showcase the next-level performance of Pennzoil Synthetics. The concept for "Airlift Drift" drew on the public’s feeding frenzy around the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat car (packing an industry-first 707-horsepower engine).

Building on Pennzoil’s longstanding relationship with Dodge, the brand was able to secure a highly coveted Hellcat and gave it an unprecedented "Pennzoil yellow" custom paint job. Next, Pennzoil sought famed stunt driver Rhys Millen to pilot the beast and crank up the "cool factor." The brand then took to the streets (and air) of Cape Town, South Africa for filming.

From the footage, Pennzoil was able to develop three distinct films for the series, each appealing to a different audience/media segment: "Pennzoil Airlift Drift," "Behind the Scenes of Pennzoil Airlift Drift" and "Filming Airlift Drift Through 99.5% Pure Base Oil."

Once footage for the film was compiled, Coyne PR was tasked with developing a distribution plan for the content series that would be best disseminated to the masses. Coyne PR strategically decided to first launch a PR exclusive, followed by social media and advertising support. Jalopnik was targeted by Coyne PR to break the news based not only on their large, loyal following, but also for the publication’s dedication to automotive content and the sharing of video content catering to a millennial male audience.

The effort ultimately secured national and online coverage, including 120 stories within automotive enthusiast publications, garnering more than 6 million earned media impressions and 42.9 million paid impressions.

Everywhere Agency - The OshKosh B'gosh #BreakForSpring Campaign

OshKosh B’gosh is one of the oldest, largest and most recognized brands of baby and children’s apparel in the world. As the busy, kid-friendly Spring Break season was fast approaching, the company wanted to digitally inspire families to post their tips and tricks for efficient vacation packing.

From creating checklists to rolling clothes to better fit in a suitcase, there are best practices for prepping family retreats and keeping outfits in top shape. The eventual outcome was an influencer campaign that promoted OshKosh’s spring fashions using the hashtag #BreakForSpring. OshKosh sought to create content with beautiful pictures, engage with its consumers by producing at least 25 million impressions and generate sales of at least $200,000 by pushing a coupon code that encouraged its audience to make purchases.

The team was quite particular about the influencers it chose to participate in this campaign, selecting individuals they knew would create relatable, practical blog posts. These bloggers don’t publish cookie-cutter content – they tell real stories about their lives. They post personal pictures and adorable shots of their children dressed head-to-toe in OshKosh. This kind of authentic content is more persuasive than a “salesy” approach. “Coupon mamas” (influencers with high followings for coupons and giveaways) and “queen bees” (influencers who have children and often write about kids’ fashion, lifestyle and parenting) spread the word quickly and effectively through vibrantly picturesque content that commanded retweets, likes, shares, and comments.

The campaign sprung more impressions than could have ever been imagined. With 75 blog posts, more than 527 shareable images of stylish kids wearing OshKosh spring outfits, 743 social media posts, and more than 15,000 interactions, #BreakForSpring generated over 42 million impressions – over 160 percent more than the targeted 25 million impressions. Its overall engagement rate topped 58 percent. The effort was also responsible for generating $4 million in sales (1,900 percent more than the PR team was charged with acquiring) as a result of the coupon code going viral during the campaign.

Honorable Mentions:

  • GCI Health - The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future Highlights Nurses’ Vital Role in Healthcare via Digital Channels
  • J. Walter Thompson MEA - HASSA ELIYA (NOW IS MINE)
  • Nexon America and Wonacott Communications - Revealing LawBreakers: Defying PR Laws
  • UN Foundation - Global Moms Challenge
  • Weber Shandwick with Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) - Get Real: Rallying Around The Truth About Milk
  • XO Group Inc. - The Knot Dream Wedding