2016 Digital PR Awards: Blog

Winner: Abbott - Giving Millennials an ‘Eyeful’ on Tumblr to Consider LASIK

A challenging job market,  a rise in trendy vision brands like Warby Parker and negative perception about laser eye surgery had taken LASIK off the table for many. Abbott recruited Weber Shandwick to help encourage young adults with glasses and contacts to reconsider LASIK in an engaging, disarming and research-informed way.

Abbott launched the Tumblr blog, Eyeful, in late Oct. 2015. Tumblr was selected because it attracts a user base within LASIK's target demographic that welcomes brands engaging with them more informally than on other channels.

Abbott devised two content types: timely, Buzzfeed-style listicles reminding readers of the hassles associated with contacts and glasses and longer articles addressing common LASIK questions and misconceptions based on research into common LASIK barriers to conversion.

The weekly publishing schedule is complemented by daily monitoring of questions, comments and potential adverse event reports (an important component of healthcare regulatory compliance). The team also reports metrics on traffic, spend, engagements and conversions that are the direct result of Eyeful.

Paid media is used to promote content and target those most likely to engage and convert through social advertising spend within the Tumblr platform and content syndication spend on editorial publishers Outbrain and Taboola.

In six full months since the campaign launched (November 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016), Eyeful had reached a 6.9% engagement rate, almost seven times Abbott’s objective at the outset. Similarly, positive and neutral commentary accounted for 76.0% of all on-topic qualitative engagements—six percentage points greater than Abbott’s goal of 70%.

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