2016 Digital PR Awards: Digital Marketing Campaign (100k – 200k)

Winner: The Getty - #GettyInspired

The objective of this campaign was to build and strengthen relationships with Getty stakeholders and in doing so, increase and deepen ties to the Getty brand and locations. The goal was to encourage engagement with the Getty (digitally or physically) and motivate a diverse group of people to visit its locations and be inspired by what they have to offer.

In October 2015, #GettyInspired—a user engagement and marketing campaign that asked people to share the ways they have been inspired by the Getty and any resulting creative executions—was developed and launched.

Some participants came for the portrait paintings or photography, some for the tidy angles and symmetrical lines; others opted for sweeping vistas. They created photos, drawings, sketches, dances, music, poems and yard landscapes that were somehow inspired by the Getty.

These stories were collected through a social media hashtag (#GettyInspired) and a website hub replete with diverse stories: the Mayor of Los Angeles and his connection to the Getty and love for piano; a local graffiti artist and his affinity for lettering and fonts in manuscripts.

These stories were used across communications platforms including paid media, owned media and social media to further build the community and spread the general word about inspiration and the role the Getty might be able to play.

In nine months, users submitted 157 stories on the website and tagged over 23,000 Instagram photos. The campaign generated over 43 million impressions including paid media and earned media impressions garnered from widespread social media sharing (5 million impressions, 65,500 likes and 1,287 comments came from influencer meetups alone). The #GettyInspired hub also received about 70,000 page views.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Better Business Bureau serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Perm Basin
  • R&R Partners - Las Vegas Unveils #WHHSH Beer at Coachella Music Festival
  • Taylor - Tide: Welcome Home, Brett