2016 Digital PR Awards: Digital Marketing Campaign (100k and Under)

Winner: Miami HEAT - Throwback HEAT

Miami HEAT uniforms have been the nucleus of the team’s storytelling efforts for the past ten years. Each uniform campaign is paired with a distinctive storyline and thematic context. Every uniform reinforces the culture and history of the brand by conjuring a range of powerful emotions and extraordinary moments.

The Throwback HEAT uniform evoked a “vintage” era. With its chunky numbers, large drop shadow and scoop neck silhouette and use of the original design of the “flaming T" in the HEAT logo, Throwback HEAT paid homage to the passionate HEAT teams of the mid-1990s. Those teams soared to memorable basketball heights, establishing the franchise among the NBA’s elite. Having the 2015 to 2016 roster of players “throw back” to an earlier era by sporting this classic team uniform bridged the gap between past and present. For fans, wearing the throwback jersey made them not only witnesses to team history, but active participants in it.

As a professional basketball team, the Miami HEAT is a “living brand” comprised of world-class athletes showcasing world-class athleticism, a highly visual product that lends itself to a digital marketing experience. Their story is best told through photos, video content and messaging, promotional materials and game highlights, which fans and the media consume through varied methods.

Through the campaign’s full integration, Throwback HEAT reached millions of viewers, readers and users and drove retail and corporate sales goals. The campaign's Facebook reach was 28.2 million; there were 55.8 million impressions, 272,487 likes and 10,231 comments overall. The campaign won 15.4 million Twitter impressions and 536,303 engagements. On Instagram, the campaign garnered 1.2 million likes and 16,379 comments.

Honorable Mentions:

  • CLS Strategies - Champagne Day 2015
  • New Slang - HB Goodbye Serious
  • Nickerson PR - Fuse Cambridge
  • Turkish Economy Bank - TEB's Women Banking