Nonprofit PR Awards 2015: Marketing

Co-Winner: Golin on behalf/for PetSmart Charities — The Journey Home: A Rescue Waggin' Story

We are a nation full of pet lovers. Yet there are widely held misconceptions that shelter pets are “damaged” that act as a major barrier for people to adopt instead of buy their pets. On behalf of PetSmart Charities (PCI), Golin sought to raise awareness for their Rescue Waggin’ program. Since 2004 Rescue Waggin’ vehicles have traveled 3,000 miles a week transporting dogs and puppies from cities with more pets than adopters to communities where adoptable pets are in demand. Through this program more than 10,000 dogs and puppies find forever homes every year, and nearly 100 percent of pets that travel on the Rescue Waggin’ are adopted.

Based on research about the campaign’s target demographic, an online documentary video was used as the focal point of the Rescue Waggin’ campaign. PCI promoted the campaign through a fully integrated marketing strategy across philanthropy, earned media, paid media, social media, events, customer and partner marketing, retail promotion and employee communication. The campaign secured over 190 million impressions across all media channels, while the documentary video was viewed more than 85,000 times.

Co-Winner: The Zeno Group — The Allstate Foundation's Purple Purse 

The Purple Purse campaign was created to ignite a national conversation about the financial abuse that traps women in dangerous relationships. The campaign’s challenge for its four yeas of operation has remained the same: educate more victims on the resources available to help them stay free from violence, and raise more money to support local organizations that serve survivors but are grossly underfunded.

Popular actress and social activist Kerry Washington was secured as the ambassador for the cause. While her mass appeal allowed Purple Purse to enter the pop culture lexicon, the Allstate Foundation turned to local community partners to create a groundswell of grassroots activism. The campaign’s launch was held in New York City to coincide with Fashion Week. Washington was on hand to give interviews with national press and engaged her fans through her social media channels. The Allstate Foundation also engaged over 200 bloggers in English and Spanish in order to increase the social conversation. In only a month, nearly $2.5 million was raised through donations. The program resulted in over 23,000 placements and a reach of more than one billion people through media and social impressions. Spots were secured in top print and television outlets like Good Morning America, CNN, Access Hollywood, Associated Press, Huffington Post and People magazine.

Honorable Mentions 

  • EngenderHealth – Expanding access to international family planning
  • High10 Media  - Deaf Film Camp
  • King Media and the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition - ICE 5-Year Fair and Affordable Housing Plan