2015 Agency Elite Awards: Business to Business

Winner: Stein IAS for Trelleborg Marine Systems—The Performance People

Trelleborg Marine Systems is an engineering company that designs, manufactures and installs equipment for many of the world’s largest commercial ports. Trelleborg faces real operational threats from copycat competitors and customers prepared to take a risk on low-cost, inferior alternatives. Their goal was simple: turn the tide.

To fuel a marketing automation engine that the company developed, Stein IAS developed a content marketing strategy that would address audience needs at each stage of the buyer journey. To address audience needs at each stage of the buyer journey, a strong narrative around materials quality and the folly of putting price before quality was developed and a body of evidence built to support it. Critical to the process was the realization that crowdsourcing would be the optimal way to present their case in a credible and compelling fashion.

They developed the “Port Performance App” where users are invited to compare port performance and outlook against the industry average, which was established based on a piece of quantitative research. The app saw a conversion rate of 54 percent and their thought leadership efforts resulted in 36 editorial hits, 65 percent of which were with top-tier media.

Honorable Mentions

  • Bhava Communications - A Powerful Approach to Business Communications
  • Diffusion - Global Wireless Solutions
  • Peppercomm - Susan Cain Quiet Spaces by Steelcase
  • Uproar PR - LastPass