2015 Agency Elite Awards: Cause/CSR

Winner: Everywhere Agency—The 100 Good Deeds #DeedADay Campaign

100 Good Deeds started as an idea from the heart of Mary Fisher, a world-renowned artist, author and HIV/AIDS advocate who has been partnering with women in Africa for over a decade. Her goal for 100 Good Deeds was to create a way to help women in developing countries have a sustainable income and sense of independence. Now women in Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Haiti and India handcraft each 100 Good Deeds bracelet with love and care. Each one purchased directly benefits the woman who handcrafted it.

Everywhere Agency framed the story architecture around New Year’s, a time when people set resolutions that are mostly self-fulfilling. They believed they could get influencers to talk about setting a different kind of New Year’s resolution, one about doing good deeds. The agency firmly believed this project was bigger and more powerful than any one agency alone, so they joined forces with eight of the largest blogging networks in the country. All nine of these networks invited women from around the country to talk about their good deeds, what it means to do a good deed and why a good deed should remain anonymous. Participants loved having the opportunity to have direct interaction with Mary Fisher. At one point, even Rosie O’Donnell jumped into the chat. The results were astounding at more than 52 million impressions generated in an approximately 10-day period. The story resonated with influencers and their readers, resulting in an increase in sales for a product that gives back to at-risk communities. In a year marked by terrorism, fear of deadly diseases and unrest in our cities, the opportunity to share an intention to not only wear ethical fashion, but also do something good was a message influencers were proud to share.

Honorable Mentions

  • Cone Communications - Make a Difference: CSR Leadership
  • The Conroy Martinez Group - Read Conmigo's Bilingual Literacy Month & Miami Seaquarium Celebrates Flipper's 50th
  • ScoutComms Inc. - Get Skills to Work - Introducing careers in advanced manufacturing to the veteran community

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