Social Media Icon Awards: Best Infographic

Co-Winner: APCO Worldwide - CLIA North America Cruise Forward Campaign

Best Infographic_APCO WorldwideCruise Forward is the global cruise industry’s comprehensive communications and reputation management campaign. Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) sought to produce a communications platform that unified individual cruise line efforts to present the industry with one, positive voice to stakeholders.

Infographics were created for the Cruise Forward campaign. Cruise Forward hosted CLIA’s launch of the Passenger Bill of Rights, which was a significant step in defining rights onboard cruise ships and clearly stating member lines’ commitment to passengers. The graphic provides a visual depiction of the 10 rights set in the bill and was extremely helpful in fully informing consumers on their guaranteed rights when on cruises.

Additionally, to promote the findings of the U.S. and European Economic Impact Studies, an infographic was created to highlight the industry’s expansive economic contributions to port and inland communities. The graphic portrays industry growth over time, key economic statistics and a breakdown of economic data by top states.

Prior to the official launch of the Cruise Forward campaign, APCO also helped CLIA begin its foray into the visual depiction of content with the “Going Places” infographic. This graphic shows the cross-industry collaboration, highlighting data produced by a travel agent firm to promote positive perceptions of the cruise industry.

Since the campaign’s launch in early 2013, Cruise Forward, using various traditional media, online and social channels, has reached over 197 million audience impressions.

Co-Winner: Proof Integrated Communications and Microsoft - Microsoft Bing's State of the Union

Best Infographic_Proof Integrated Communications and MicrosoftIn order to measure user sentiment and highlight user reactions during the 2013 State of the Union address, Bing teamed up with Proof Integrated Communications and created Bing Pulse, Bing Beat, and Bing Stats.

Bing Pulse was a polling platform that encouraged people to vote every five seconds on their reactions to the President’s speech, Bing Beat was the “social sentiment tracker” that would track keywords on social media platforms pertaining to the address as well as the sentiments of the social media posts, and Bing Stats was used to analyze the key words and topics from the President’s speech.

To ensure that the infographic was easy to understand and most clearly showcased their data, the team chose to divide the infographic into three sections, with the results from Bing Pulse, Bing Beat, and Bing Stats each having separate graphs representing their individual data.

With almost 13 million votes and 1.3 million site visits, Bing’s State of the Union campaign was extremely successful and was marked as the largest live online poll in history. The infographic was picked up by multiple political, news and tech sites and blogs and featured on multiple news broadcasts and videos.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Human Rights Campaign - Supreme Court Outcomes
  • Infochimps - Using Digital Media To Sell Hard-Core Tech Concepts To The Masses
  • Offerpop - History of the #Hashtag
  • Proof Integrated Communications and Telefonica - TELEFÓNICA’S GLOBAL MILLENNIAL SURVEY: A Global Conversation Focused on the Future