2014 Platinum PR Awards: Pro Bono Campaign

Winner: Nicolas' Garden and Drisha Leggitt & Company Communications - Nicolas' Garden Mobile App & Digital Platform

Eight-year-old “picky eater” Nicolas Come convinced his parents and volunteer programmers at a “Hackathon” to help him create a mobile app allowing children to share healthy recipes. The result was a very simple mobile app known as “Nicolas’ Garden.” Come recruited PR professional Drisha Leggitt to help promote his mobile app known as “Nicolas’ Garden” and position himself as a Kid Healthy Food Advocate (KHFA).

In every situation, personal, handwritten notes were sent to every reporter, partner, organization, official and contact that Nicolas & team encountered during the campaign. Influencers were also sent regular updates of Nicolas’ progress to ensure that everyone involved felt like one of the “NG Team” and had a personal stake in his success.

In the end the team secured more than 16 million positive media impressions worldwide; facilitated Nicolas’ meeting the President Obama and cooking with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver; and earned him the title of “Student Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Makovsky - JedCampus: Encouraging Safer Campuses and Creating a National Authority
  • MSLGROUP - Wine to Water: Miracle Machine
  • Nebo Launches Choose ATL Campaign and Inspires 45 Million