2014 Platinum PR Awards: Press Release

Winner: USANA Health Sciences - The Best Kept Secret of Elite Athletes

USANA Health Sciences, which provides health and nutrition services, wanted to get the word out about the 600-plus athletes who choose USANA supplements. The solution? Create a multimedia news release catering to the social media sphere.

The PR team at USANA made sure that each video and image embedded with the release, for example, were shareable on Pinterest and available for download. The release also included nine specific USANA social media links—which made it easy for viewers to go directly to any of USANA’s social sites—as well as a Facebook Feed showing the most current posts.

Distribution, of course, was critical. The release, titled The Best Kept Secret of Elite Athletes, launched last March via PR Newswire, which transmitted delivery to 5,700-plus media outlets and 5,000 websites.

In addition, USANA gave PR Newswire all the assets the service needed to build a website with tons of social media elements, downloadable content, links to related press releases and a live USANA Facebook feed. A call-to-action button was placed at the top right corner of the release for users to take USANA’s True Health Assessment, which helps customize a personal vitamin pack.

The press release worked wonders. Just one day after it was distributed, the release had garnered nearly 3,200 page views, along with 350 video views. What’s more, there were 180 total impressions to the Web-version of the image, or people who clicked a thumbnail image to view a larger version.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Crenshaw Communications Helps Sleepy's "Soften the Shock and Awaken a National Movement"
  • Trend Micro / HCK2 Partners - #Socialmediaruinedmylife