2014 Platinum PR Awards: Media Relations

Winner: O'Reilly DePalma - Flush for Good with American Standard 

In 2012, the iconic plumbing company American Standard was in a dire situation. With roots going back more than 140 years, the very survival of the manufacturer of toilets, faucets, tubs, sinks and showerheads was seriously in doubt.

To combat this situation American Standard CEO Jay Gould led the development of Flush For Good, evoking the company’s 140-year history of sanitation solutions that make life better. The Flush For Good campaign promised that for everyone who purchased American Standard’s industry-leading Champion toilet, the company would donate a SaTo—a hygienic, and low-cost toilet pan recognized as a 2013 “Best of What’s New” health innovation by Popular Science magazine—to people in Bangladesh.

Earned media coverage for Flush For Good attained more than 47 million impressions in 12 months, while paid syndication boosted total impressions to almost 144 million. Over the course of the campaign, Champion toilet sales increased by 62%, and by year-end 2013, American Standard donated 533,352 SaTo sanitary toilet pans to help reduce the transmission of disease and improve quality of life in Bangladesh.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Citizen Relations with Old Spice - Old Spice Cleans Up with Manly Scented Bar Soap
  • Fifteen Minutes - Michael Sam Enters NFL Draft as First Openly Gay Player
  • Global Strategy Group on behalf of Scouts for Equality - "The Campaign to End Discrimination Against Gay Scouts"
  • Henson Consulting - The TODAY Show Blitz
  • Hunter Public Relations - JELL-O Makes the Taste of Football Defeat Sweet
  • Hunter Public Relations - MONOPOLY Save Your Token Campaign
  • LAK Public Relations, Inc. - Hostess "Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever"
  • Time Warner Cable presents Time Warner Cable Studios