2014 Platinum PR Awards: Internal Publication

Winner: Hewlett-Packard - HP News: Now a Powerful, Engaging, and On-Demand Global News Hub for Employees in The Midst of a Corporate Turnaround

A plunging stock price, multiple CEOs and low morale put Hewlett-Packard (HP) into a time of great uncertainty. What’s more? A lack of uniform employee communication channels exacerbated the problem.

HP dedicated itself to the long-term goal of reengaging employees and reigniting their passion for their workplace. Steadfast in the belief that with great transparency comes great trust from your employees, HP News (HPN) was born and now serves as a dynamic internal digital platform built to inform, excite and engage employees about the company’s turnaround.

On a daily basis, HPN’s content educates employees, communicates HP’s strategic vision, amplifies product launches and bolsters morale through enticing digital content like videos and photo galleries and a constant stream of transparent and authentic articles.

Since HPN’s launch there has been a 21% improvement in employees saying HP is a great place to work, and 70% report being excited about HP’s future.

Now that HP has used HP News to turn employee sentiment—more than 90% of employee discussions on HPN are positive—the company can focus on its larger mission: regaining its eminence as the technology innovator for consumers and businesses.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Baptist Health South Florida - "The Art of Nursing"
  • BMW North America with MSLGROUP - Making Dealer Communications a Two-Way Street: BMW Dealer Direct
  • MAXIMUS Connections Employee Newsletter
  • Time Warner Cable - Employee Green Team Playbook