CSR Awards A-List: APCO Worldwide

APCO Worldwide
APCO Worldwide

As a global consultancy, APCO Worldwide helps clients understand and engage stakeholders to propel their own growth and create value for wider society. For 30 years, APCO has helped ambitious businesses design and execute world-class corporate CSR programs. At least a third of their $120 million global revenues in 2012 were derived from environmental, social and governance-related work.

The world faces potent forces that are fundamentally disrupting communities, markets and ecosystems—creating exciting opportunities and unprecedented risks.

These global megatrends – including shifting demographics, emerging powers, digitalization and urbanization – are affecting the way businesses must operate and grow. APCO’s Sustainable Growth team, represented in 34 global offices, comes from senior ranks of business, media, government, nonprofits and academia. The clients they have worked with in this regard include the Clinton Global Initiative, PepsiCo, UPS, Bank of America and General Electric. They have helped these organizations:

  • Navigate new markets, such as those created by migration and found at the bottom of the economic pyramid;
  • Anticipate and serve evolving consumer expectations and demands—particularly in digitally connected economies;
  • Engage partners and critics on and remedy global supply chains inequities;
  • Pursue the promise of untapped human capital, especially among women and girls;
  • Deliver new levels of transparency and disclosure and respond to increased interest in CSR from financial markets.