Amy Derjue

Senior Content Specialist
Solomon McCown & Company

With a background in journalism and Boston politics, Amy Derjue brings a love of writing and social media to her role as a senior content specialist at SM&. Amy is keenly aware of how to use clear, compelling storytelling in both print and online media to engage an audience and drive that audience to act.

Prior to joining the SM& team, Amy was social media manager for the Wilcox Hospitality Group, overseeing social media for nine Boston-area restaurants. She also served as communications director for Boston City Councilor Michael P. Ross during his tenure as council president, where she managed and strategized in high-pressure communication situations including the arbitration settlement discussion between Local 718 and City of Boston and the felony conviction of a Council member. Prior to City Hall, Amy was a staff writer at Boston magazine, primarily writing for the magazine’s blog, Boston Daily. Her writing has also appeared in Rhode Island Monthly and on

When not in the office, Amy can usually be found talking about media and political trends on social media, out for a run, or visiting her home state of Rhode Island. She holds a B.A. in writing, literature and publishing from Emerson College.