6 Tips for Brand-Building Influencer Takeovers

Letting a social media influencer temporarily take over your brand’s accounts can be a great tactic to bring in new followers and engage with your audience in an authentic way. eMarketer data shows that consumers are more likely to trust brand recommendations when they come from a well-known person who can provide an account of their experience first-hand. But there are some important tricks of the trade to keep in mind.

In PR News’ recently published Influencer Marketing Guidebook, Erica Gatlin, director of influencer marketing at Agency 451/Wildfire, gives some basic guidelines for working with a social media influencer in a way that is beneficial for both parties. Here are 6 points to consider before starting a social media takeover:


Brands can profit from an increased consumer base, boosted social media followers and an uptick in engagement from their current followers. Aside from any monetary compensation or perks the company would provide, the influencer may find their own following will increase and they may reach a new audience.


It’s important to let the influencer know exactly what the brand expects from their content, including timelines and goals. Give the influencer the opportunity to ask any questions beforehand to avoid snags while the takeover is in progress.


Create a unique hashtag to use specifically for the event, and don’t forget to publicize the takeover on all your brand’s social media accounts—not just the one the influencer will be using! And of course, have the influencer post about it on their personal accounts as well.

Eliminate Approval Process

Audiences will likely respond better if the influencer is allowed to showcase their personality while talking about your product rather than regurgitating pre-approved messages. Make sure the influencer has signed off on your brand’s goals and expectations prior to the takeover to avoid any issues (more on this below).


Generate a unique password for the influencer to use and make sure to change it immediately after the takeover is done. You don’t want any rogue posts on your accounts later on!


A contract is essential, and it should make clear to both parties the length of the takeover, the amount of posts the influencer is expected to make and any guidelines on disclosure and compensation.

Gatlin also explains that following up with your influencer after the takeover is crucial: "Just as it takes time to build a relationship with an influencer, brands should not forget to nurture that relationship after an activation by providing feedback following any campaign."

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