5 Tips for Nonprofits Looking to Recruit and Engage Influencers

Working with influencers can be an excellent way for a nonprofit to increase donations and share its message and goals with a wider audience. But as a communicator for a nonprofit organization, how can you find the right influencer and, more importantly, how can you convince them to be an advocate for your organization?

In PR News’ recently published Influencer Marketing Guidebook, Melony Shemberger, assistant professor of journalism and mass communications at Murray State University, provides some best practices for nonprofits to recruit influencers, including the following five tips:

Share Their Content

Once you’ve identified a particular influencer who you think would be a good fit for your organization, one of the best ways to engage with them is to like and share their content on multiple platforms—Twitter, Facebook, etc. Let them know you’re paying attention and appreciate their work before proposing a relationship.

Educate Them

Now that the influencer knows about the nonprofit’s interest, make sure to give them as much information as possible about the organization’s core values and how it is making a difference in the world. This will not only give them insight into how their work will have a positive influence, but will also provide them with tools to educate others once the campaign is underway.

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Engage With Their Audience

Choose a platform that brings in the most engagement with the nonprofit’s audience and ask the influencer to create content for that platform—such as a guest blog post or a Twitter Q&A. A popular influencer can expand the nonprofit’s audience and strengthen the relationships with its current followers.

Offer Incentives

Make sure to reward the influencer for dedicating time to the nonprofit’s cause. While monetary compensation may not be possible, the organization could offer such things as VIP benefits at fundraising events, company tours, client meet-and-greets and other attractive opportunities.

Appreciate Them

Always thank the influencer, both privately and publicly. Nonprofits may also consider offering perks and merchandise that will entice the influencer to keep working with the company.

“With influencer marketing, nonprofit organizations can help their donors and advocates to become not just philanthropic fundraisers but positive change agents,” Shemberger concludes.


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