4 Questions That Lead to a Successful SEO Strategy

Image: techdesignstudios.com

It’s getting to be an occupational hazard for communicators looking to improve their SEO strategy: staying abreast of search algorithm changes.

Google, which dominates the search market, regularly moves the goal posts in order to generate more legitimate links and filter out content artificially stuffed with keywords.

Of course, PR pros have to be well-versed in creating SEO-friendly content, in terms of having a solid grasp of creating page titles and developing headlines and meta keywords, for example.

But before getting into the nitty-gritty of SEO, there are some fundamental questions that PR pros need to ask themselves.

In this excerpt from PR News' Digital PR Guidebook, Catherine Page, SEO Producer at Rigid Industries, provides four key questions to ask before you wade into the SEO river.

> Is my web content easily shareable, relatable, controversial or impactful?

> Does our social network platform adequately and professionally describe our business and/or our products?

> Is our business active on relevant social networks that adequately portray us in the correct target market?

> Does our overall marketing goal coincide with that of our ability to distribute adequately to each of our social network platforms?

What questions would you add to the list?

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