3 Ways to Develop a Snapchat Presence

Many brands still struggle with how best to build up a presence on Snapchat.

The nature of Snapchat’s short-lived content can trick some communicators into thinking the planning they put into each snap should be just as brief. But a detailed strategy can be the key to making your snaps burn bright before they fade away.

There are myriad brands seeing success on Snapchat, but each must find the style that’s right for it and then use that knowledge as a basis for consistent engagement with its audience, according to Chris Strub, CEO of IAmHere LLC and the first person to snap from all 50 U.S. states.

Strub, who spoke at PR News’ Big 4 Social Media Conference in San Francisco Aug. 10, offered the following three takeaways for brands looking to establish a foothold on the platform.

Determine the Organizational Purpose

Chris Strub, CEO, I Am Here LLC

Your Snapchat efforts should been seen as one facet of a larger strategy—you shouldn't just splash your brand on Snapchat without a purpose. The platform just may not be a great fit for every brand. The main question you need to ask as you set your Snapchat strategy is, "How does what I'm snapping contribute to my company mission?"

"'Let's be on Snapchat' is not a strategy," Strub says. "You have to figure out, what is it about your brand that keeps customers coming back? What is that value, and how can you demonstrate that in an authentic fashion."

Repurpose Content as Much as Possible

Given the here today, gone tomorrow nature of the platform, there's no point in letting all of your hard work creating snaps go to waste.

Snapchat is a great starting point to build an ongoing narrative since you can tell a story on the platform quickly, creatively and while you're on the move—but the story doesn't have to end there. So it's best to repurpose your content on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

"You can create awesome content on Snapchat but it cannot just stand on its own," Strub says. "People are looking at your brand on so many other channels. Your audience likely wants more."

Set a Consistent Editorial Cadence

It's important to have a consistent approach to Snapchat, but consistency doesn't refer to frequency so much as editorial tone.

"You don't have to do it every day, that's a common misconception—but people do want to see you again. You should only tell a story when you have a story worth telling—don't snap simply for the sake of snapping."

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