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From The PR News Files

April 7th, 1997 by

Here’s a PR campaign we thought was an impressive feat, pun intended. To coincide with the annual conference of the National Association of Broadcaster (which opens today in Las Vegas), Los Angeles PR agency Skip… Continued

News Monitor

April 3rd, 1997 by

NCI Makes Latest Mammography Recommendation For those of you trying to keep track of the ongoing debate about the need for mammograms for women in their 40’s, the National Cancer Institute, a department of the… Continued

Hospital Finds Video Unique Approach To Annual Report

April 3rd, 1997 by

At Sarasota Memorial Hospital, a picture – or rather 30 minutes worth of pictures on video – was worth more than all the words in the typical institutional annual report. The award-winning video, produced to… Continued


April 3rd, 1997 by

June 11-13: The Ninth National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Services. Physician Referral & Health Information Update. Atlanta; 404/377-6131. June 16-19: Disease Management Congress: Effective Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Strategies. National Managed… Continued

Columbia/HCA Sponsors ESPNET SportsZone Health Area

April 3rd, 1997 by

While online advertising is becoming a conventional way to market healthcare services, Web site sponsorships are another business opportunity marketers should consider. For example, on March 4, 1997, Nashville-based Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. [COL] (, in… Continued

High-Profile Incidents At Hospitals Are Often Decided In Court of Public Opinion

April 3rd, 1997 by

A single, unusual death in a hospital can sometimes put it into a crisis management mode, so one can imagine the intense situation when a small facility experiences dozens of such deaths in one year.… Continued

Customer Research Plays Key Role In Designing New HMO

April 3rd, 1997 by

SAN FRANCISCO – From personal computers to trendy salad greens, California has a reputation as a market innovator. With its Access+ health plan, another company from the Sunshine State – Blue Shield of California -… Continued

As One Company Can Attest, A Strong Reputation Doesn’t Always Carry the Plan

April 3rd, 1997 by

SAN FRANCISCO – When you think of John Deere, what comes to mind? Tractors? Lawnmowers? Grain? Feed? SHMOs? As anyone familiar with the Nike, Nabisco, or Netscape logos will attest, brand identification is a desirable… Continued

On The Pulse

April 3rd, 1997 by

Children Recall More of What They See Than Read If you want to make an impact with children, seeing is remembering, according to a new study published in the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Journal of… Continued

PR People: Hires/Promotions

March 31st, 1997 by

Peter Kenderdell, executive director of programs for the Public Affairs Council, Washington, D.C., has been promoted to VP. The move was triggered by president Raymond L. Hoewing’s recent retirement and Douglas G. Pinkham’s transition to… Continued