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What’s the Value of Shock PR? Urban Outfitters Appears to Mock Kent State Massacre

The conventional wisdom is that there’s no such thing as bad PR. If you’re being talked about, there’s business value. And anyway, you can always apologize for your transgressions later, right? When you write about … | MORE »

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Infographic: Succeed in Business Through Smart Nonverbal Communications

They say that nonverbal physical activity is much more important in human communication than the spoken word. And intuitively, we all know it’s true. We’ve all had the odd meeting where someone wouldn’t make eye … | MORE »

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10 Quotes From Communications Maestro Vin Scully

Vin Scully is one of the greatest communicators who ever lived. In that spirit, on the occasion of the 19th no-hitter he’s announced (the first was in 1952) we collected a few of his best quotes. | MORE »

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To Help Users Address Privacy Issues, Facebook Deploys a Cartoon Dinosaur

Content creation, discovery and consumption has never been easier. There is vastly more content volume, and it’s accessed in countless new ways, the most prominent being search and social media. That makes it a golden … | MORE »

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What’s a Great Question to Ask a PR Job Candidate?

You may not believe this, but conducting a job interview can be as stressful as being interviewed for the job. Well, sometimes. Anyway, there’s an art to sizing someone up in an interview, and it … | MORE »

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Pepsi (and Other Brands) Feel a Sochi Olympics Halo Effect. And Apparently Don’t Care

Perhaps spurred by its history of large ad presence at events such as the Super Bowl, Pepsi is incorrectly perceived by 21% of respondents in a new survey to be an official Olympic sponsor. According … | MORE »

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Facebook at 10: How a Social Network Revolutionized Media and Communications

Facebook launched ten years ago today. In real time, that’s not long ago at all. In digital time, it’s ancient history. Friendster was the most popular social media network in 2004. Myspace was a year … | MORE »

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Mac Attack: Three Tips On How to Celebrate a Brand Anniversary the Apple Way

Thirty years ago Apple unveiled its iconic “1984” Super Bowl commercial, announcing the release of the Macintosh personal computer.  Steve Jobs had already previewed the commercial, publicly announcing his plucky little company was about to … | MORE »

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2013 Digital PR Awards: New Site

HGExpo’s New Online Home & Garden Show site was designed to connect consumers searching for innovative home improvement ideas with the top local professionals who can make those ideas real, leading to eight to 10 new exhibits sold per month in the months subsequent to launch. | MORE »

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2013 Digital PR Awards: Digital Communicator of the Year

NBC Entertainment’s Richard Licata continues to push the envelope with his work with the Emmy campaigns by focusing on the digital layer—overhauling the NBC Awards Screening Room microsite with a new responsive design and creating an industry-first innovation with sponsored Facebook ads targeted specifically to Emmy voters. | MORE »

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