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Infographic: How to Improve Your Company’s ‘Call to Action’

Generating earned media is hardly a given, and PR pros are constantly on the hook to find other ways to get fannies in the proverbial seats. | MORE »

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10 Words to Avoid in Your Press Releases

Do you use the term “solutions” in your press releases? Be honest. It’s one of those words that seem to describe almost anything. It’s also a crutch that can cost PR pros and communicators dearly when trying to get their media pitches into the right hands. | MORE »

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Weiner: The Gift That Keeps Giving (Or, How Not To Behave If You’re a Public Figure)

Sure, Anthony Weiner was toast electorally weeks ago. And now that’s he’s officially been bounced from the Democratic primary, it’s likely we’ve seen the last of Weiner, at least politically. | MORE »

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Video Pick: Werner Herzog’s Chilling Collaboration with AT&T on Texting and Driving

AT&T called on German filmmaker Werner Herzog to produce “From One Second to the Next,” a 35-minute documentary focusing on the perils of texting and driving.  | MORE »

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Infographic: State of Content Marketing 2013

Don’t fight it. Resistance is futile. For PR pros, content marketing now resides at the core of marketing communications. | MORE »

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Swing and a Miss; A-Rod’s Tweet Angers the Yankees

Call it another strike in Alex Rodriguez’ clumsy efforts to cleanse his reputation. It’s also a cautionary tale about the proper use of Twitter when you’re a salaried employee. | MORE »

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Rapid Response to A Crisis is Seldom Enough

Taco Bell is quick to respond to photo of employee getting a little too acquainted with taco shells, but the statement fails to provide some crucial information. | MORE »

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Measurement Hall of Fame Inductees’ PR Tracking Insights: Q&A With the Experts

Contrary to conventional wisdom, PR measurement should inspire (rather than thwart) creativity.  | MORE »

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Great Content and Consistency Are Critical to Melding Social Channels

Zumba Fitness, the international dance-fitness program catering to roughly 14 million people in more than 150 countries, was looking to shake things up for its brand. | MORE »

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4 Tips for Preparing Senior Executives for a Major Speech

President Obama’s State of the Union speech can provide PR pros with a window into how to prepare their top execs for a crucial presentation. | MORE »

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