The Path to Purchase (Increasingly) Starts With Mobile; Employee Relations A Tonic For Workplace Misconduct?

The Path From Mobile to the Bottom Line

Mobile users reach for their devices early and often to find local information, according to the second annual Mobile Path-to-Purchase study released by Telmetrics and xAd. The study also found that both locale and promotions are hugely influential factors for purchasing decisions and conversion.

The survey, which took the pulse of more than 2,000 mobile users, found that consumers are more frequently using their mobile phones for consumer needs.

Here are some other interesting nuggets from the study:

• To learn more about local goods and services, 45% of respondents said they initially use their mobile devices to research products.

• 60% of smart-phone users and 53% of tablet users said they have completed purchased based on their device usage.

• 53% of purchases, despite help from mobile devices, are made offline.

• Almost 60% of mobile users (nearly 80% with tablets) said they use their devices at home.

Source: Telmetrics and xAd

Effective Communication Can Prevent Workplace Misconduct

Companies often find themselves focusing more on external communications to maintain a favorable public image. However, a recent CEB white paper illustrates that it is equally important to effectively communicate internally.

Work environments are rapidly transforming in numerous sectors, and several side effects of these changes invite incidents of misconduct. Misconduct can present itself in a variety of ways, from interpersonal conflicts to infractions of company policy.

CEB says that such occurrences can be minimized through effective communication practicess. This is especially true in rapidly changing work environments.

Here are a couple of other stats from the white paper:

• 17% have been subject to direct management changes.

• Only 30% of misconduct reports were met with ideal communication outreach, versus 52% that were meant with least effective outreaches.

Source: CEB

According to Edelman’s recently released “Global Entertainment Study,” 56% of consumers find recommendations and professional reviews as extremely or somewhat important factors when making purchasing decisions. Surprisingly, only 47% of the respondents said that being the first to enjoy a product is important, which seems to contradict the long lines and chaos often associated with product launches.

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