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Industry News

June 1st, 1998 by

On the Radar Screen: Institute of PR Takes On Brits Who Charge for Editorial
The Institute of Public Relations, London, is publicizing its new Code of Professional Practice to give PR pros a bargaining point when dealing with media that …

Media Insight

May 25th, 1998 by

American Banker
One State Street Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10004; ph: 212/803-8200
Editors at American Banker ask that PR practitioners study the daily’s masthead before making a pitch. The paper covers the banking industry from several angles including consumer needs, …

Given the University of Maryland’s recent decision to abolish its undergraduate PR sequence, communication pros find themselves debating what constitutes a good PR background.
The vote to eliminate several undergraduate communications sequences in favor of more in-depth journalism studies comes …

The Agency Page

May 18th, 1998 by

Recent PR account wins
Ambit Marketing Communications (Ft. Lauderdale) has been retained by Community Communications (Alabama) to handle PR for a new book called Broward County.Gateway to the World.Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur (Fort Lee, N.J.) …

Industry Briefs

May 11th, 1998 by

On the Radar Screen
Univ. of Md. To Abolish Undergrad PR Studies
The University of Maryland College of Journalism has decided to eliminate its undergraduate PR course sequence and a groundswell of concern has erupted both internally and from outside …

When a company is in the throes of layoffs, the internal communications process can get muddied when a company seeks to satisfy Wall Street more than its employees.
If employees learn that jobs will be cut but don’t know immediately …

On The Pulse

April 16th, 1998 by

Women Less Aware Of Heart Attack Symptoms
Compared to men, women have low awareness of heart attack and angina symptoms and are less likely to receive life-saving treatment once they reach the emergency room. This underscores the need for more …

The Internet has given way to a unique brand of reputation monitoring, which offers the chance learn the average consumer’s opinion about your goods and services through online postings.
For decades corporations have relied on clipping services to gauge the …

Honolulu Star-Bulletin
P.O. Box 3080
Honolulu, Hawaii 96802-3080; ph: 808/525-8635
This Knight-Ridder evening newspaper with an approximate 75,000 circulation is a well-nested regional publication and its editorial operation has a tight-knit nucleus of decision makers and influencers. Its staff of about 20 …