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Media Insight

September 21st, 1998 by

Seattle Times
P.O. Box 70
Seattle, WA 98111
The wind and rain may be affecting the moods of the staff, who are not receptive to continual voice messages or calls. Since phone pitching is an exercise in futility, stick with faxes …

Industry News & Trends

September 21st, 1998 by

The Thomas L. Harris/Impulse Research Public Relations survey for 1998 again points to the variety of disciplines – from media training to labor relations – being spearheaded by communicators. The chart below shows where resources are being allocated:

PR Work …

Industry News

September 7th, 1998 by

Crisis Management: Delta Routes Calls to Swiss Air Concerning Crash
Delta Airlines, which was deluged by calls Sept. 3 after a SwissAir plane carrying 50 of its passengers crashed south of Halifax, Nova Scotia, rerouted crisis-related calls to SwissAir, the carrier. But …

Granted, you’ve had enough of all this Monica-and-Bill hubbub, but even if you’re not facing the wrath of Kenneth Starr, the PR lessons remain. Based on that, I have distilled from the Bill Clinton presidency 10 lessons which can guide us …

John D. “Jack” Bergen, recently anointed head of the newly formed Association of Public Relations Firms, assumes that role this month after stepping down as senior VP of corporate relations at CBS.
So far, the trade association represents more than 50 …

New Hires

Cendant Corp., Parsippany, N.J., a travel, real estate, consumer and marketing company, names Ted Deutsch to director of communications/public afffairs; was director of corporate communications for NRT Inc., a provider of wholesale-apartment and residential offices, which …

The News Monitor

July 23rd, 1998 by

Marketing Campaigns: Tainted Pharmaceutical Drug Seeks Advocacy Support
The FDA approval of thalidomide last week, comes with a compelling new way to market a drug haunted by a tragic history.
Most people still associate thalidomide with causing horrible birth defects …

Media Insight

July 20th, 1998 by

Bloomberg Television
499 Park Ave, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022
Bloomberg’s Forum team is responsible for securing guests for all of its executive interview series, “The Bloomberg Forum.” Forum interviews are archived on the Bloomberg news service that reaches the top …

The News Monitor

July 9th, 1998 by

Mother’s ‘Criminal’ Past Doesn’t Detract From Web Birth
When the National Enquirer broke the story a few days after a Florida woman gave birth live on the Internet, alleging she had a “lengthy criminal past” for bad check writing, the …