Is Your Content Ready for Prime Time?

If you’re like most PR pros, one of your concerns is feeding the content maw virtually 24/7. Perhaps a new report can sharpen your targeting plan. A generational study shows most people consume online content between 8 p.m. and midnight. That goes for members of Gen X and millennials, who, of course, Madison Avenue highly covets and are starting to occupy more of corporate America’s management ranks. Baby boomers, the youngest of whom are in their early 50s, are most open to messages a little earlier in the evening, as well as late morning, according to the survey.

While there is some disparity among the different generations with regard to when they want to consume content, there is less daylight among the generations with regard to the type of content they like. Entertainment-related material wins hands down with all three genres. But when you go down the content food chain, the generations seem to want some content (healthy living, business) in fairly equal measure.


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