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June 26th, 1997 by

June 25-27: Strategic Marketing for Medicare and Medicaid Risk. Healthcare Strategies Institute. San Diego; 602/990-7839 June 30-July 1: 1997 Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Annual National Institute. Orlando, 800/252-HFMA July 17-19: Understanding Managed Care (An Introduction… Continued

Teen Advocacy Groups Use N.J. Teen Pregnancy Scandals To Set Record Straight

June 26th, 1997 by

When two tragic New Jersey teen pregnancy cases received immediate national media attention, the sensational coverage inevitably generated a distorted image of a state with out-of-control, sexually reckless teenagers. Arguably, the two cases, which attracted… Continued

Merger Watch: An Eye On The Changing Healthcare Climate

June 26th, 1997 by

Healthcare organizations are merging or being acquired at a dizzying pace. In the second installment of this new feature, which will run in every issue of HPRMN, we take a look at a recent merger… Continued

The News Monitor

June 26th, 1997 by

Marketing Campaigns Aetna U.S. Healthcare Defects From AAHP; Mounts Own Push Opting to wage its own beefed up independent PR/lobbying effort to defend managed care, Aetna U.S. Healthcare, the nation’s second largest operator of managed-care… Continued

PR Racing to Catch Up With Army’s Efforts

June 26th, 1997 by

For the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., telemedicine made its debut during a Somalia medical mission for Operation Restore Hope, a United Nations Humanitarian Relief effort in 1992. Using a mobile telemedicine… Continued

On The Pulse: Trends & Surveys In The Healthcare Industry

June 26th, 1997 by

Twentysomethings Delaying Fatherhood; Sex Ed Highlighted This past Father’s Day saw an older group of dads celebrating for the first time, according to recent birth statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Better… Continued

Case Study No. 114 – Columbia Wesley Medical Center

June 26th, 1997 by

Birthing Center Reclaims Its Market Share Through ‘Softened’ Campaign In recent years, Columbia Wesley Medical Center’s long-time dominance as the Wichita, Kansas, leader for birthing care was being threatened by increased competition from two new… Continued

Research: The Essential First Step in Creating Effective Marketing and Public Relations Programs

June 26th, 1997 by

The main concern of consumers today is choice – right? If people in Friendly Little Hometown say security is the thing that’s most important to them, that should be the theme of ads for Metro… Continued

Telemedicine’s Success Stories Are Hospital Industry’s Best Kept Publicity Secrets

June 26th, 1997 by

Telemedicine and its ability to shrink specialized medicine and education from miles to bytes, is one of the best kept publicity secrets for many hospitals. Often it is the software/hardware companies that are getting the… Continued

Coke’s ‘Unofficial’ Campaign Aimed at Teens is Officially Cool

June 23rd, 1997 by

The client’s wish list was aimed at a very specific demographic: get teens ages 13 to 17 in key markets in Wisconsin to increase their brand loyalty and consumption of Coca-Cola Classic. The integrated marketing… Continued