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Editorial Contacts At Modern Maturity

September 1st, 1997 by

Main Number – 202/434-6880 Editor – J. Henry Fenwick – 202/434-6830 Executive Editor – Richard Atcheson Managing Editor – Carol Simons Planning Editor – Karen Westerberg Reves Articles Editor – John Wood Senior Editors -… Continued

Media Insight : Modern Maturity

September 1st, 1997 by

601 E. Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20049; Phone: 202/434-6880 Editor’s Note: You would think that when it comes to the American Association of Retired Persons’ 22-million-plus-circulation magazine, Modern Maturity, that it’s not hard to make… Continued

Employee Recognition: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

September 1st, 1997 by

Should PR execs be paid extra for getting their company some ink in a newspaper or magazine article? Or for bringing in business to the company? While many in the PR industry agree that signing… Continued

Corporate-Run and Written Magazines Build Brand, Bypass The Media

September 1st, 1997 by

In communications, there is no easier way of sidestepping media gatekeepers than carrying your corporate image and brand directly to your customers with a corporate-controlled magazine. But for companies traveling down that route, there are… Continued

Industry News

September 1st, 1997 by

On The Radar Screen FedEx Delivers a Dose of PR With Letter to Employees Although corporate execs aren’t willing to reveal how much they paid, FedEx got its name in the papers Aug. 22 when… Continued

PR News 1997 Professional Of The Year

September 1st, 1997 by

The editors of PR NEWS are proud to present three candidates for the PR Professional of the Year award, our annual honor for individuals who have exhibited leadership qualities and made significant contributions to the… Continued

Nominees For 1997 PR Professional Of The Year

September 1st, 1997 by

David B. Kalis IBM When David B. Kalis became VP of communications for IBM in 1993, it was a time of challenge for the company, now headed by Louis V. Gerstner Jr. (who came on… Continued

Birthing Center Reclaims Its Market Share Through ‘Softened’ Campaign

September 1st, 1997 by

To protect its 75-year-old turf as the preferred place to give birth, Columbia Wesley Medical Center embarked on a repositioning advertising/PR campaign that would restore its 60 percent market share and soften its high-tech, critical… Continued

Market Trends

September 1st, 1997 by

Calendar September 11-12: Delahaye Group, "2nd Annual MeasureNet Conference," Portsmouth, 603/431-0111. September 16-19: IABC & MediaNet, "Touring Seminar Addressing New Rules for Business Presentations," Orlando (Sept. 16), Atlanta (Sept. 17) & Cleveland (Sept. 19), 800/776-4222.… Continued

Columbia Eventually Discovers Remedy for Crisis…

August 25th, 1997 by

In many crisis situations, we have some control over the timing and extent of the press coverage. For some, this is like a child playing with matches: when you’re young, you don’t get to play… Continued