2014 Rising PR Stars: Brianna Schneider

Brianna Schneider, PR Manager, Hopper

Brianna is the one woman PR team behind the travel startup Hopper. As a virtually unknown startup, Hopper’s number one goal when Brianna started was simple, albeit challenging: to increase awareness of the travel tool. During her interview for the company she projected she could secure at least one piece of media coverage per day. Fast-forward to a year later and she has been constantly attracting over one hundred pieces of coverage per month.

By developing relationships with key journalists and placing Hopper’s Chief Data Scientist Patrick Surry as an industry thought leader Brianna has totaled 750 pieces of coverage, 3876 mentions of Hopper, and a total of 5.4 billion media impressions. In six short months she has played a huge role in morphing Hopper from a startup that no one knew into a beloved travel site.