2014 Rising PR Stars: Bianca Bucaram

Bianca Bucaram, Publicist/Co-Founder, Zapatero + Bucaram Public Relations, LLC

Bianca utilizes her fondness for philanthropy and bilingual public relations skills combined with natural charm and charisma to positively impact the Houston community. She is comfortable working across all genres, with traditional and grass roots PR strategies while also thinking outside the box with creative marketing skills. She has made valuable connections in television, print media, and digital media while promoting her clients across a broad array of industries.

Bianca was the driving force behind the success of this year’s Moran Norris Foundation Gala. She handled the fundraising, public relations, social media marketing, and celebrity image development. In a showcase of PR finesse she secured high-profile athletic celebrities, like NFL Hall of Famer Marshal Faulk, to support and endorse the foundation. As a result of her efforts, the Gala was covered in 12 media placements across television, online, and print in a few short months. And the foundation gala had record attendance and an overall increase in table sale profitability of 25 percent.