Toll of Corporate Scandals, Take 19

With apologies to Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., surprise, surprise. The
corporate scandals that have dominated the business headlines for
the last few years have started to take a toll on the nation's
journalists and are changing the way they ultimately report company
news, according to a just-released study. The Euro RSCG Magnet
Survey of Media found a growing distrust of senior executives and
other established sources of business news and reveals a
credibility crisis that spans all of corporate America and not just
those companies embroiled in crisis. According to the survey, based
on the responses from 1,875 journalists working at newspapers,
magazines and broadcast outlets nationwide, journalists are more
likely to be influenced by "consumers' experiences with a company,
the quality of that company's products or its status as an industry
innovator than by the assessments and pronouncements of its CEO."
The survey, with long-term implications for communications execs,
also found that: