This Just In…

  • Another agency behemoth: BSMG Worldwide (part of True North) acquires GJW, a UK-based public affairs firm, creating Britain's seventh largest PR firm.

  • Tobacco takes a hit. A study conducted by the American Cancer Society, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and American Heart Association indicates that tobacco companies
    increased ad spending in magazines with kid readers last year (from $90 million to $120 million) despite a 1998 court settlement that required cigarette makers to stop running ads
    targeting children.

  • Renegade Web content is losing its appeal, according to a recent poll from The Only 41% of 7,500 Web surfers think the Internet should remain unregulated.
    Forty-nine percent support some form of online content regulation and half of those supporters favor ratings like those used for TV and the movies.

  • Dr. Laura viewed as detriment to corporate reputation: United Airlines drops ads for the talk radio show from its inflight mag for fear of being associated with its host's
    controversial views on homosexuality. The move follows a P&G decision last week to reneg its plans to sponsor the radio show.

  • SunAmerica corporate comm VP Don Spetner leaves to form his own L.A-based consultancy.

  • Bell takes over the Y&R ad business after his return to BM less than four years ago. He had served as COO of BM in the early 1990s.