Southwest Airlines ‘Reality’ Show Takes Off in ’04…

It's got to be more uplifting than "Survivor," "Paradise Hotel" or any other of the host of reality shows that are now all the rage. Starting in early 2004 Southwest Airlines
will be the subject of a new reality show, titled "Airline." The program, which will be carried by the A&E Network, will follow people traveling to-and-from the Los Angeles or
Chicago areas on Southwest and feature the airline's staff and crew. Is "reality" TV the next frontier for companies that want to use television to help communicate their
messages? "If this makes for good TV there could be a wave of programming that hits the airwaves involving any industry," says Linda Rutherford, PR director at Southwest Airlines.
"The decision involves some degree of risk but we have the opportunity to show a dimension of the brand that wouldn't otherwise be visible through normal advertising and PR
channels." Contact: Linda Rutherford, 214.792.4625