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June 24th, 1996 by

* Nominated as vice chairman, in line to succeed chairman Don
Bruun next year, was John Finney, director of public relations and
fund-raising, Windsor Regional Hospital, Windsor, Ontario.
* M. William Lutholtz, a communications executive with Indiana
Power & Light Co. who succumbed …


June 24th, 1996 by

Sandy Allen, who recently stepped down from the top public
affairs position at the Federal Aviation Administration (Washington,
D.C.), joined Commonwealth Edison , Chicago, as head of corporate
Long Island University, Brookeville, N.Y., named Christoper Cory
university director …


June 17th, 1996 by

Jericho Names Five VPs
Jericho Promotions, New York, promoted four staffers to vice
president. Sherri Gilman, vice president, was promoted to senior vice
president. She will continue to oversee the agency’s corporate
Greg Mowery, managing director of the publishing …

Business/Manufacturing–“Mobil Friendly Serve Academy,” Mobil Corp.,
Fairfax, Va., with The Rowland Co.,New York
Business/Services–“Bob Evans and Fourth Graders Team Up to Preserve
Ohio’s Past for the Future,” Bob Evans Farms Inc., Columbus.

Two top executives of international PR firm The Americas Group,
Stamford, Conn., have moved over to corporate positions.
Jack Macauley, managing director, joined Philip Morris Management
Corp., New York, as director, external relations. Evelyn
Mariperisensa joins Chrysler Corp. as manager …

The CreaTECH Conference, held May 23-24 in New York and sponsored
by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) and AT&T
Worldwide, explored how to creatively use the Internet to enhance your
image and your client’s image, and to …

Karwoski & Courage Public Relations, Minneapolis, has opened its
Interactive and Broadcast Services unit. The group will provide
Internet and Intranet services, as well as video news release,
satellite media tour, corporate video and videoconferencing services.
John Anderson, an account executive, …