Blasted *^$#!@% After a week of being blasted with enough emails, letters and phone calls to suffocate a small nation, we're inclined not to write about the new Web
service (out of spite). But we wouldn't want to deprive you readers. Watch for the launch of June 19. It's an online news distribution service
that allows editors to pre-select the types of releases they wish to receive by email, thus increasing the likelihood that PR pitches will hit the right marks. The service's
database and filtering technology make it possible for PR pitchmeisters to create customized media lists using keyword searches. PR users can also tap the service to monitor the
level of interest in their releases (although NewsBlaster took a cue from PRNewswire's recent fiasco and has given its editor contacts the option of remaining anonymous).
Hopefully they'll be applying their filtering system to their own releases in the future. (John Riordan, 714/854-0600,