Quick Study: Traditional Media; A New Economy; Shareholder Activism; The Dimming Power Of Apology

Traditional Media Trumps New

  • Blog popularity is by no means stalling, but a new study released by Burson-Marsteller this month suggests that traditional media is still highly valued by the "most

    influential members of the online community as they carry out their roles as information and opinion providers."

Among the findings:

  • 80 percent of respondents say they read blogs but carry out further research to confirm what they find

  • 64 percent fact-check blog entries against news or magazine Web sites
  • 44 percent fact-check against print articles in newspapers and magazines
  • 49 percent cite online news sites as the most credible sources of information about companies, while 48 percent turn to traditional newspapers and magazines

The results are dichotomous for communications professionals who, in the midst of the new media blitz, have been forced to redirect their attention from traditional outlets to

more up-and-coming alternatives like blogs, podcasts and online communities.