Public Affairs/Assoc. Salaries: Little Wiggle Room for PR Managers, Reps

For the first time in 2002, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) included PR representatives when tracking communications salaries at associations. Previously,
the ASAE had only tracked salaries for PR directors. Among the 13% of participating organizations that report having a PR rep, the average number of staff at an association
holding this position is 1.3; minimum degree requirement is a bachelor's degree for 88% while 31% offer incentive pay, such as bonuses and commissions, to staff members working in
PR. "What we found is that while there's a strong relationship between overall size and budget of the association and PR directors' salaries, the relationship between overall size
and budget with PR staffs is not as predictable," says Steven Williams, director of industry and market research at ASAE. "The experience of a director is more cut and dry than a
PR rep." Similar to PR salaries at the nonprofit level, salaries for associations are highest in the DC metro area (and New York City). But salaries vary widely when you consider
locale and industry sector. Contact: Steven Williams,