PR Pulse: Credit Unions Chase Youth

"What is a credit union?" Customer research of young consumers by the Eastern Ontario Alliance of Credit Unions (EOACU) found a double response to that query: Either

people were clueless regarding credit unions or they didn't care because they were doing their banking at other financial institutions. To bring a new wave of young customers into

credit unions, the EOACU launched a hipster PR campaign called "My Beat," which hopes to bring the message that credit unions are in step with the stylish individuality of the

under-30 crowd. A Web site at includes throbbing dance music track and a "rant" with a young woman insisting "I move to a different beat" and demanding

that the world "See me as someone who has energy and ideas." And for the young potential customers who need help building their finances, the EOACU is promoting a contest with a

$1,000 grand prize.