PR Pulse

Procter & Gamble has created more than 300 branded products, ranging from A Touch of the Sun to Zooth. The latest P&G creation is strictly for internal use only:
PREvaluate, an ROI measuring tool that incorporates PR into the mix of marketing considerations regarding the company's promotional efforts. Using PREvaluate, P&G would be
able to compare and contrast all of its marketing efforts, with PR going head-to-head against advertising, event sponsorship, and so forth in regard to audience response and both
geographic and demographic popularity. P&G, of course, is no stranger to measuring its PR, both from a positive aspect (it sponsored the first radio serials in the 1930s,
hence the term "soap opera") and from a negative spin (the wild 1980s rumor that the company's original logo was a satanic symbol - untrue, of course, but there was enough bad
press to get a new logo).