MediaMap adds "Bloggers" to the board…

They're the Web descendants of Upton Sinclair and other journalistic muckrackers: "bloggers." These are journalists who post breaking news and information to their Weblogs in
diary-like fashion, offering readers unique spins on news stories. Bloggers, such as Andrew Sullivan (ex-The New Republic) and Mickey Kaus (ex-The New Republic), have increased in
popularity with the Web's ascension. Now, in response to the growing trend, MediaMap has announced that it will begin adding information about Weblogs, and their authors, to its
media directory available through MediaMap Performa. "Weblogs are new influencers on the PR landscape that can often result in quick, electronic ink for corporate communication
professionals," says Ruth Habbe, executive VP of MediaMap. "As more and more corporations depend on non-traditional media, blogs will continue to grow in importance."