Media Moves

Jeanie Stokes vacates post as business writer with the Rocky Mountain News to join Broadband Week as senior editor, covering broadband
communications networks, application service providers, technology developers, and broadband business trends. ...Tim
Wilson is promoted from editor-at-large to chief of reporters at InternetWeek. He now works as a technology advisor to the InternetWeek reporting staff, and
continues to cover b-to-b e-commerce, ERP, supply chain and extranet infrastructure. He rarely writes news stories, focusing primarily on features and long-term trends. . Ted Kemp is promoted from senior editor to senior writer, covering b-to-c e-commerce, sales, marketing, customer acquisition,
and the retail and wholesale vertical markets. . Christine Zimmerman is promoted from associate editor to senior editor, covering
load balancing appliances, switches and software, content replication, site monitoring, diagnostic tools and services, web server and browser applications, IP addressing, DNS, Web
site management, site design graphics, and e-commerce. .