Media Moves

In National News: Deputy Editor-in-chief Jenny Barnett, Editorial Director/features Michele Lavery, Editor-at-large Susan Boyd and Fashion Director Mary Alice Stephenson
follow Marie Claire Editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey to Harper's Bazaar. Contact Hearst for more information: 212/649-2292 ... Michael Muskal joins The Los Angeles Times as
economics editor covering national and international economics. Fax 213/237-7837 ... The New York Post promotes Jesse Angelo to metro editor. He succeeds Jon Auerbach, who shifts
to assistant managing editor. Contact the Post at 212/930-8000 ... Popular Science promotes William Phillips from managing editor to executive editor. Mail materials to Two Park
Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5695 ... Carey Winfrey, formerly assistant managing editor of People, joins Smithsonian magazine as editor-in-chief. A replacement at People has not yet
been named. Contact Smithsonian at 202/275-2000. In Business/Financial: Adweek promotes Mae Anderson to assistant editor. She continues to route press releases and assist with
general inquiries. Email Fern Siegel, managing editor, leaves the publication. A direct replacement has not been
named. Email Anderson with inquiries ... Jennifer Godwin, staff writer at Forbes, leaves. For information regarding her coverage of Web companies, digital entertainment, venture
capital, legal issues and intellectual property, contact the Silicon Valley bureau: 650/558-4800 ... loses Hayley Green, reporter. For information regarding her
coverage of financial news, new products and industry news, call 212/765-7323. In Healthcare: Leigh Page, national reporter for American Medical News, leaves. Email materials
regarding coverage of managed care, doctors' practice issues, insurance, reimbursement and Medicaid to Bob Cook at bob_cook@ama-
. In IT: Michael Learmonth joins the New York bureau of the Industry Standard as senior writer. He covers media in New York and the music industry. Email ... Aisha Williams, assistant editor of Information Week, leaves. Email Helen Somerset at (Media Moves provided by Press Access, a member of the LexisNexis Group, 617/542-6670 ext. 402,