Media Moves

Philadelphia Inquirer Medical Health/Business Staff writer Josh Goldstein will cover the 2000 election until the end of the year. After that, he will resume
covering business news. Taylor, writer/reporter, becomes San Francisco bureau chief for Time magazine. 415/982-5000...Jim Shulte,
VP and editor-in-chief, leaves Kinsley Wilson takes over as editor-in-chief. 703/276-3400...David Ignatius, associate editor/op-ed columnist, leaves The
Washington Post
to join the Paris-based International Herald Tribune as executive editor. No replacement has been named...Mari McQueen, staff writer, leaves
Money. No replacement has been named. For now, fax Jeanne Lee, staff writer, or Natasha Rafi, staff writer: 212/522-0189...Paul La Monica is promoted from staff
editor to associate editor at He will continue to write "Rational Exuberance," a column focused on wise investment decisions. ...Stephanie Bruzzese, senior editor, leaves the Hardware Channel at CNETOnline to become staff writer
at, a music Web site. Media Moves are provided by Press Access (, which specializes in media
relations management solutions. Email or phone 617/542-6670, x402.