Media Metrics

As PR execs scramble to find ways to maximize the Internet, it's
important to keep in mind one of the oldest (and still robust)
mediums: radio. It's a powerful PR tool, particularly when
targeting people who commute by car (read: most of Americans).
Recent stats from Arbitron Inc/Edison Media Research show that from
fall of 1999 to fall 2003 radio in-car listening increased 10%,
while radio listening at home fell 2% and 6% at work. Note the
markets with the highest percent of total radio listening while in
the car: radio time spent in-car is often stronger in America's
medium and smaller markets than in its largest cities and markets
with the highest percentage of in-car listening (a proportion of
total radio listening) are some of the smallest markets in the
country. But whoever said big is necessarily better? And if you
need any more evidence that we're living in 24/7 media environment,
check out the pie charts on drive time and rush hour. About 14% of
people (per the U.S. census) leave their homes at 12:00 a.m. to go
to work while 16% leave their jobs at 12:00 p.m to go home. The
table on average time spent with different media shows that
(surprise) TV is still king but people spend at least two hours a
day listening to the radio inside the car or out.