Media Metrics

With the 2003 World Series in full swing, we thought it would be interesting to track the biggest baseball markets in the country. This way, PR pros can be more market savvy
about the number of eyeballs that'll be tuning in to the Fall Classic -- and tuning out the rest of media for however long the series lasts. Based on survey data of major
metropolitan cities in the U.S., Delahaye Medialink researched the number of people who watch or listen to baseball both on TV and radio (The baseball breakout does not include
newspapers). The Arizona Diamondbacks haven't made it back to the postseason since 2000 but Phoenix, Ariz., shows the deepest penetration of baseball viewers and listeners. And
Boston, which had an intense American League Championship Series with the New York Yankees, has more viewers or listeners than New York. (Maybe because there are a lot more
options for your entertainment dollar in New York compared with Beantown).