It’s a (Third) Party for Pinterest

Image: Pinerly

PR pros overwhelmed with managing Pinterest in addition to their other social media efforts can breathe a sigh of relief, as they now have an aid in their pinning efforts. Users of Pinterest, which continues to make headlines for both the revamping of its user profile pages and for its referral traffic, should check out a new invitation-only pin-scheduling and metrics dashboard, Pinerly.  

On Twitter, users can choose from wide range of third-party apps to customize their experience, from collaborating among team members and creating hashtag-specific tracking columns for brand commentary to the scheduling of tweets. Many PR pros handle all their Twitter efforts on sites like TweetDeck and HootSuite rather than through Though Pinerly is very much in its early stages of development, its dashboard provides similar functions.

"We founded Pinerly because using Pinterest gave us a huge boost in traffic (at some point over 30%) and we wanted to empower brands and users by helping them do the same," writes the developer SETGROUP on the Pinerly site. At this point, the management tool will allow Pinterest users to: 

  1. Follow and Unfollow Pinners: You can easily find pinners who are interested in similar topics based on your interests. You can also stop following someone through Pinerly. 

  2. Find Popular Pins: View what's popular on Pinterest and repin those items.

  3. Schedule Pins: Users can spread out their content throughout the day to keep followers interested. 

  4. View Pin Stats: Users can access a dashboard to see what they're doing right and wrong. 

Pinerly is not open to the public, but they are offering a waiting list and are rewarding potential users for sharing uniquely generated sign-up codes on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's yet to be seen whether the site will be a game-changer for users, but it does represent further growth for Pinterest. And, it likely won't be long until there are premium, paid services available for managing Pinterest.

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