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PR News—May 2, 2016

How to Manage the Media Heat in a Red-Hot Story: PR Lessons From the French Train Heroics

CORRECTS TO PARIS-BOUND TRAIN - President Barack Obama poses for a photograph with Oregon National Guardsman, from left, Alek Skarlatos Air Force Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015, to honor them for heroically subduing a gunman on a Paris-bound passenger train last month. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

People who want to resolve issues, those are who you want in a crisis.

PR Pro or Pest? How Fewer Pitches Can Make You a Trusted Source

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An overabundance of options usually leads people to consolidate their trust into a few select providers.

Consumer Engagement With B2C Instagram Videos Up Nearly 80%


As engagement with U.S. consumer brands on Instagram grew 30% in Q1 ’16 vs Q1 ’15, primed by 15% growth in posts, the bigger story was a precipitous jump in video, according to exclusive data provided by Shareablee to PR News.

It’s Good to Be King: How Creating Quality Content Solves SEO Issues


Keyword-based SEO is a trap. Most of us know that keyword stuffing is a bad idea, but many aren’t aware that most of the effort put into keywords is of low consequence.

Loving Communications: 10 Tips to Help Humanize Your Brand’s Message


Science is deceptively void of emotion. There’s a Big Bang, a periodic table and numbers. But they can get awfully dry, and so can technology—at least on the surface.